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Overview of networking at the GSDBA

Being involved at the GSDBA means increasing your business. To that end, the GSDBA has created many different ways to network and interact with other members to increase your visibility, your business and your bottom line.


One way the GSDBA creates an opportunity is through our Mixers. Each mixer attracts more than 200 people, allowing for broad business networking in a casual environment. Complete a mixer form by clicking here

Business Networking Groups

A more formal opportunity for networking can be found in our Business Networking Groups. These groups meet weekly to exchange business leads and require a commitment to attendance and group cohesiveness. They are also limited to one person from each specialty. BNGs are an excellent vehicle for growing your client base. Are you a BNG facilitator? Download the BNG Rules and Format Guidelines.

Professional Development Groups

These groups, made up of members of the same specialty, help you network within your field, share best practices, information and insights.

Some goals:

  • Provide a forum for exchange of information and mutual support.
  • Engage members in professional development by capitalizing on the varied abilities within the group.
  • Bring in outside expertise/training when indicated.
  • Share information on recent developments in a particular field such as computer programs, legislative changes, training courses/workshops, resources and marketing ideas.
  • Create lasting strategic partnerships and business friendships.
  • Share individual successes. Bring challenges to the group for discussion and advice.

If you have ever received a valuable business tip or pearl of wisdom from a mentor, a co-worker, or even a competitor, you know the value of talking with like-minded people. Now multiply that by 25 or 50 ... that is the power of your Professional Development Group, but only if YOU participate. Call the Office at 619-296-4543 to reserve your spot. All of these great business groups are available exclusively to GSDBA members.

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