• Who are the GSDBA Ambassadors?

    The Ambassador Committee consists of group of diverse volunteers from the GSDBA membership who donate their time to assist the organization in various activities. Ambassadors serve a term of one calendar year. Ambassadors are entitled to serve after the one year term if agreed upon by the Ambassador Chair and the GSDBA.

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  • Ambassador Committee is responsible for:

    • Raising awareness of GSDBA activities and benefits
    • Informing and involving new GSDBA members to promote strong continuing membership
    • Encouraging meaningful and beneficial participation in GSDBA’s programs
    • Serving as a liaison between the GSDBA staff and membership

    Program Benefits for the Ambassadors
    Increased name and face recognition for individual/business

    Increased networking opportunities including:

    • Connecting one-on-one with new and existing GSDBA members
    • Gaining referral opportunities through other Ambassadors
    • Presenting a business introduction at an Ambassador meeting
    • Potential media coverage from attendance at GSDBA events
    • Opportunity to get insider’s perspective of the LGBT business community
    • Opportunity to meet LGBT business and community leaders
    • Opportunity to help the community/show community pride
    • Possible recognition via “Ambassador of the Quarter and the Year” and “Ambassador Spotlights.”

    Program Benefits for the Chamber

    • Increased visibility within the LGBT community
    • Better understanding of membership needs
    • More involvement of existing GSDBA Members
    • Ability to manage events more effectively
    • Increased recruitment opportunities
    • Member retention

    Program Benefits for the Membership

    • Increased access to points of contact who can provide assistance and answer questions
    • More frequent GSDBA communication
    • Potential for increased referrals
    • Members will feel more connected to the GSDBA

  • If you're interested in becoming on the Ambassador Committee please email committees@gsdba.org to be connected with the Ambassador Committee Chair or call the GSDBA office at 619-296-4543 for more information.