The GSDBA Professional Affinity Groups (PAG) are designed to provide specialized business development for members in the same or related fields. The purpose of these groups is to ignite a "meeting of the minds" to discuss and share best practices, innovations and solutions. These groups meet once a month. The format of the PAGs includes significant time for the exchange of ideas and information. Groups include guest speakers and/or group member presentations on topics of interest. Contact information and Registration located on Event Page for each meeting.

Business Owners Affinity Group


The GSDBA Business Owner Affinity Group is designed for business owners to deal with complex business issues including: work life balance, employee engagement, managing different segments of the business, client acquisition and financial review. This interactive discussion group provides business owners the opportunity to ask questions of other business owners, find best practices, and find solutions to the most pressing business issues.
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Engaging Aging Affinity Group

Engaging Aging

Purpose: The Engaging Aging Professional Affinity Group program is designed to provide professional development and education for members in professions that are aligned to serve our aging population. Find upcoming Engaging Aging Affinity Group meetings.