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myRA: A New Retirement Savings Account from Treasury

Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury


myRA: A New Retirement Savings Account from Treasury

In his 2014 State of the Union address, President Obama announced that the U.S. Department of the Treasury is developing a new way for workers to start saving for the future. The myRAsm (“My Retirement Account”) program – expected to begin rolling out in late 2014 – will offer a new retirement…


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Custody and Travel: Traveling With Children after Divorce

When the days grow long and the nights grow warm, our thoughts naturally turn toward vacation. And as nice as it is at home, vacation often means travel. Increased security measures mean that travelling with children is safer these days, but they also mean more items on a to-do list when planning a vacation—especially overseas. And if you’re a divorced parent planning to travel with your child(ren), that checklist just got even longer. Here’s what you need to know about custody and…


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The Advantages of Being Imperfect

For some, a huge, audacious goal inspires them to action. However, for those with perfectionist tendencies—myself included—it can have the opposite effect. At it’s worst, perfectionism can paralyze its victim in a never-ending waiting room of…


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Fatherhood and Divorce – The Question of Paternity Custody Rights

Fathers in the midst of a divorce face a unique set of challenges when it comes to questions of paternity and child custody rights. In the eyes of the world and the courts, fatherhood is a lot less definitive than motherhood. In child custody cases, there are often doubts or disputes regarding a child’s paternity. Whether you’re trying to prove or disprove the paternity of a child, there are some important things to keep in mind regarding paternity custody…


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OMA One Year Later: Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce

As the official LGBT Pride Month, June has long been a time for celebration and commemoration in the LGBT community and beyond. This year, however, marks an especially poignant anniversary, as one year ago on June 26, the United States Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of the…


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Adoption and Divorce

Divorce doesn’t have to mean an end to your hopes of adopting, but you’ll need to know where you stand with regards to the rights of the biological parents and the decision of the court overseeing the adoption. If you have made the life-changing choice to adopt a child but have the complications of a divorce to contend with, there are some important things to know. Whether or not your pending adoption will be approved by the courts despite your changing situation depends on what type of…


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Celebrate Your Child’s Teacher Together

It’s a good thing that the month of May brings flowers, because it also marks two occasions on which they come in handy:Mother’s Day (5/11) and National Teacher’s Day (5/6). The closeness on the calendar of these two dates may be coincidental, but it’s appropriate nonetheless. Few would argue that mothers are…


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Immigration and Divorce: Child Custody

A divorce that involves child custody can be additionally complicated when the immigration status of you, your spouse, or your child is a factor. It is not uncommon for a divorcing parent to consider moving back to their native homeland outside the country, or even to simply want a fresh start somewhere else. The more common concerns surrounding immigration and divorce, however, revolve around what might happen to your children (and your, or their immigration status) if your current…


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Men’s and women’s process groups forming in San Diego

Hayden Dover, MFT and Kim Fleming, IMFT are currently forming men’s and women’s process groups and are seeking up to 9 participants for each group. These groups will offer a unique experience to encourage assertive communication, learning, and practice social skills in a supportive, caring community.


Hayden Dover, MFT is forming a men’s process group focused on supporting men in finding greater self understanding, enriching their lives and developing more satisfying personal…


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Spring Cleaning for a New Life

Whether you’re still digging out from the wake of the polar vortex on the East Coast, or feeling a bit guilty for the season’s strangely pleasant weather on the West, winter is slowly but surely coming to an end. With the return of the sun comes that perennial feeling of renewal and rebirth that inspires us to take inventory and tidy up our lives. Put simply: it’s time again for some spring cleaning.



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Inspirational Single Moms: Past and Current

Happy Women’s History Month! March is the time of year when we celebrate the strength and accomplishments of the women throughout the ages. It was more than 100 years ago when the seed of Women’s History Month was first planted. In 1911, the first annual International Women’s Day was officially celebrated by more than a million people in Europe. After staking its annual claim on March 8 and spreading to countries…


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Preparing for Tax Season: Taxes & Spousal Support

Tax season is just around the corner, and divorce can make preparing and filing your taxes tricky. In particular, if you’re paying or receiving spousal support, there are a few things to keep in mind during this season of reported incomes and deductions.

Read more:

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Nutrition and Aging

When we think about aging, we usually think about wrinkles and sagging skin. But aging is a biological process that involves much more than that.

Despite what our birthdays say, science has proven that some of the most detrimental causes of aging have nothing to do with our age, but are closely linked to high insulin, excessive food consumption, poor quality diet, trans-fats, and processed foods. This is why we have vibrant 80 year olds and sick and tired 40 year olds. The foods that…


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Who Wants to Live to be 100?

Whether you categorize yourself as a baby boomer or a millennial, chances are you already have had a personal experience or first-hand knowledge in caring for a loved one.  The National Alliance for Caregiving estimates that 29% of the U.S. adult population is acting as informal caregivers, providing care to someone who is ill, disabled, or aged.  Baby boomers are considered to be part of the “sandwich generation” since they continue to support their children while simultaneously playing…


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Financial Planning for Life Stages

Financial planning is a journey that requires continual monitoring and adjustments.  As you move through different phases of your life, priorities and circumstances change that can alter your course.  Being aware of changing needs and finding appropriate solutions can help you reach your financial goals.


The financial landscape for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans – and in particular, same-sex couples – includes a number of matters that are unique to the…


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How Not To Repeat The Problems Of Your First Marriage (Lessons from Groundhog Day)

The movie Groundhog Day is a comical rendition of déjà vu that features a cynical newscaster who is forced to repeat the same day (Groundhog Day) over and over again. Phil Conners is finally granted the ability to progress to February 3rd after he changes his outlook on life and decides to become a better person. The movie illustrates the importance of being…


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Dating After Divorce: First Get Ready, Then Jump In!

There is nothing more liberating than reaching the point after a divorce when you feel ready to start dating again. But just because you’ve committed yourself to taking the plunge back into the dating scene, doesn’t mean you’re ready to jump in with both feet. There are some things to keep in mind when you start dating after a divorce that will help you feel empowered.  The first step is to make sure you are ready to move forward with dating after a divorce.



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Barbra Blake has been hired as the new CEO of the Greater San Diego Business Association (GSDBA), the LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Blake will take over the chamber on Feb. 3 as it heads into its 35th anniversary year.

Most recently, Blake was director of marketing and communications for the Rady…


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Five Tips to Help You Save for a Rainy Day

While most financial experts agree that saving should be a part of every household budget, many Americans admit that they aren’t prepared financially for life’s unexpected challenges and emergencies. 

If your New Year’s resolution is to become more financially prepared for a “rainy day,” following are five tips to help you save. This is first article in a five-part financial planning series focused on Getting and Staying Prepared for Life’s Opportunities, Challenges and…


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How Does Substance Abuse Affect Child Custody & Visitation Rights?

Of primary importance in any divorce is the well being of the children. Therefore, drug and alcohol abuse by a parent, legal custodian, person seeking guardianship, or person seeking visitation in a guardianship, can certainly impact California child custody and visitation rights. It’s important that issues of substance abuse are addressed fully as grounds for limited custody and visitation rights. While the safety of the children is always a concern for the State, it doesn’t…


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