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Staying Healthy on the Road: 5 Winter Wellness Tips

Cold and flu season is on the way. Oh no! How to avoid getting sick on the road?smile Get enough rest and take a few precautions along to help keep cooties at bay. Here are are a few stay-well-on-the-road must-haves:

Wet Ones 
Antibacterial wipes for the plane. 'Soon as you're in your seat, wipe down germ-covered surfaces like your tray table, arm rest and headrest. Overkill? Perhaps, but have you ever seen a cleaning crew wipe any of them down? 

If you've ever flown with a cold you know how painful the descent can be. How to minimize ear issues in flight? Try EarPlanes. My doc recommended them to me a few years back and since then, I've flown ear-pain-free. Pick up a pair at the airport newsstand before you board so you can whip 'em out if your ears start having pressure problems.

The virtually unpronounceable homeopathic flu fighter. Instructions say to take a dose as soon as you feel you might be getting sick. When traveling in winter, even if I feel fine, I 'll take a dose before getting on the plane to boost immunity.

Airborne Tablets
I'm convinced those little fizzy vitamin bombs have magical powers -- and perk me up when I'm dragging. Emergen-C packets also do the trick, delivering a powerful dose of vitamins fast. Word to the wise: all those vitamins can keep some people awake, so avoid taking before bed.

Lavender Sleep Mask
Sleep is critical to maintaining health, though most of us don't get enough when we're on the road. When we do finally hit the pillow, sometimes sleep comes slowly. To fall asleep more quickly, try a lavender sleep mask to soothe and relax your senses, naturally!

How do you stay well on the road?

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